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PRESS RELEASE February 2013
This is not the time for what? A new messiah? The end of the world? A new Phil Collins album? No, this is not the time to stop believing that good pop music can be made in Australia.
Adrian Rosenfeldt is the long suffering founding member of Waxing The Sun – “the most spectacularly unsuccessful band in the history of popular music” - and this is his 7th solo release. Five years ago his film documentary Sunstruck about his old band Waxing The Sun received rave reviews.
“Sunstruck is an extraordinary funny new doc/maybe mock/maybe rockumentary by Adrian Rosenfeldt. It is hugely entertaining, heartbreakingly funny, sad and poignant.”
Tony McMahon – INPRESS.
Adrian Rosenfeldt is a modern day Don Quixote and it is against all odds that he is forging ahead with his music career. Despite the fact that his hearing has been damaged from serious gigging in the 90s, Rosenfeldt continues to write, record and produce music that is at once very accessible and yet also very hard to pigeonhole. One similarity between This Is Not The Time and his last few releases, The Worst Of Good Love and White Man, is that the production is crisp and punchy and each song is full of hooks. Not unlike Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys, Rosenfeldt’s songs exude the fact that he pays an incredible attention to sound and knows how to write a memorable pop song.
How to describe the music? Some songs have a country flavour with a strong narrative, others sound like ELO, Talking Heads, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, The Triffids, The Beach Boys and Bob Dylan. These 10 songs are about happiness, death, dreams, childhood, the soul, the sun, first love, no control, guardian angels and time. Rosenfeldt is a multi-instrumentalist and on this album he plays National slide guitar, honky tonk piano, sings pop harmonies, sings deeply, sings way up high, plays tight drums, sloppy drums, picks fat bass, orchestrates trippy strings and does not play the harmonica.

SUNSTRUCK the movie now available on DVD.

This includes the original movie, a documentary, and a disc of film clips, live performances and extras. To order a copy please go to the contact page and send us an email. The DVD can be posted to you or can be picked up locally in Melbourne at any Dixons CD Record store, or at Greville Records and at Greville Books on Greville Street, Prahran. The Sunstruck CD soundtrack is also available.

Adrian Rosenfeldt on RRR radio tells us about his new film Sunstruck.



Listen to White Man over the internet and have the CD posted to you ASAP. Or you can download a track for next to nothing! Click the link above and you can listen to the songs and even write a review that will appear on the White Man webpage. Click here to read the UK review.

For the cheap digital download type, type Adrian Rosenfeldt White Man into Google and look through the options.

The new Waxing The Sun four CD box set with over 80 remastered tracks and a 12 page booklet, is currently available for cost price $10. To order a copy simply send an email to and the collection will be sent out to you ASAP. The cost of the collection is $10 AU + postage. Alternatively, pick up a copy at Dixons 308 Chapel st, Prahran, 414 Brunswick st, Fitzroy or 736 Burke rd, Camberwell.

99% of bands don't achieve a careless whisper of the success that they set out to achieve. Most give up early on. But what happens to the bands that don't give up?

Old women groupies, personality disorders, dog fondling, infighting, drug love, hearing loss ... and well, music.

Waxing The Sun is probably the most spectacularly unknown band in the history of modern pop music. For ten years they lived the dream - quite literally. In 1987 they played their first gig to a handful of old women and children in a suburban park - they thought they were at Woodstock! The band went on to perform at school halls, hospital Christmas parties, seedy pubs, seedier nightclubs, theatre productions, and the odd children's party. Waxing The Sun also recorded over one hundred songs and had nearly as many line-up changes.

Mark Luffman, esteemed UK music journalist and avid music fan, managed to track down and interview nearly all of the members of the band and their long suffering manager. He was also able to persuade Adrian Rosenfeldt, the founding member and Don Quixote of the band, to open up his closely guarded collection of performance footage, priceless memorabilia and film clips - some of the most low-budget clips you will ever see!

Come and hear and see for yourself just what went on during the ten-year reign of Waxing The Sun.

If you've ever followed a dream that has a tenuous grasp on reality, this is a film for you!



Federation Hall is a deluxe 220 seater - bring your friends! - state of the art cinema located at The Victoria College Of The Arts - near The Arts Centre.
The cinema entrance is on Grant St, twenty metres down from St Kilda Rd. There is a small entrance fee of ten dollars to pay for the venue.

So organize that babysitter, put on your silver make up and fancy clothes, and set the controls for the heart of the sun.


You've had The Best Of Bad Love.
Now try Adrian Rosenfeldt's new companion EP, The Worst Of Good Love.

These new songs take us on a journey through the rougher, more unstable manifestations of love.Cheating andAll I Want Is To Be True show us the conflicting emotions of love: guilt and desperation, but also optimism and tenacity. A countrified take onTotal Eclipse Of The Heart, and the foot-stomping Little Victories complete the package, giving us equal measures of heartache and stoic acceptance.

The Worst Of Good Love will be launched on August 16 at Daguerre's Gallery, 322 Chapel St, Prahran. Local artist Michael Leuner will also be exhibiting his new work. Wine and fingerfood will be provided. Proceedings kick off at 6:30 PM.

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This Wednesday the 28th of Febraury at 8:45 PM sharp.

Waxing The Sun will be performing at Underground Live/Dirty Sectrets - 80 Smith St, Collingwood.

Waxing The Sun is now down to one member, Adrian Rosenfeldt.

Roger Waters tells you what he will be playing and so that you know. I will follow:

You will hear: I Want A Little Girl, Julie, My Will Is Broken, Big Brown Bag, Kermit, Sick With Sleep,Calm Your Roosters, a new song off the upcoming EP, and a song about a rock and roll heart.

Special $5 imported and boutique beers all night!


Chantelle Renn
Adrian Rosenfeldt (Waxing The Sun)
Ben Brockselsby
Mick Hazelman


Were you one of the few to slip between the cracks of Elton John and Billy Joel? Did your ticket get lost in the post? Feeling a bit cheated and a bit left out? Want to see a tall man with hair?

Adrian Rosenfeldt will be launching his new EP White Man, with two showcase gigs on December the 13th and December the 20th. He will be performing at Dirty Secrets - 80 Smith street, Collingwood. Just walk down the stairs and into the most intimate and beguiling venue in Melbourne. Both shows start at 9 PM.

Adrian Rosenfeldt'sWhite Man EP is now available digitally. Just type in Adrian Rosenfeldt and White Man into Google and you will see there are many ways to listen to and download the EP.


After the large summer breakAdrian Rosenfeldt returned to the stage and played a ripsnorting gig at Dirty Secrets. Most of the set was new, as was the look - red-tinted sunglasses, sparkling silver shirt and tight black pants. There was none of the fingerpicking and storytelling of his last EP The Best Of Bad Love. This was a night of pop. The new songs were full of hooks and punch. I couldn't make out all the words but there seemed to be a strong sense of humour prevailing. The set opened with Calm Your Roosters and then we were treated to five new songs in a row. A song called “Dorty Daze” was the highlight, along with a tune introduced as If you had a button that made you feel good, would you push it?Adrian finished the set with two Waxing The Sun tunes Julie and Big Brown Bag which didn't seem out of place with the new material. It was an intense thirty or so minutes and I would love to hear these new songs again when they are recorded.

- Jurate Knight (Greville St Magazine: May 2nd 2006).